a dark room

The Darkness
You and your team awake in a dimly lit basement. You've been abducted by a serial killer. However, he is giving you a way to survive, you just need to solve his puzzles and complete his twisted games to escape and survive.

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chinese man

Jewel Thief
Listen up team, here's your mission! 20 hours ago we received notification that Chen Yong, the notorious jewel thief, has stolen a rare jewel. We have reason to believe the jewel is located in his lair. Your mission is to locate and safely return the jewel before he returns. You better get going he should be back in an hour!

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captain thatcher sitting behind his desk

The Captain
You and your team have just committed one of the largest bank robberies in American history. However, Captain Thatcher has surveillance footage of the robbery on his computer. That footage will put you all in jail for at least 40 years. Captain Thatcher is currently out of town following up on a lead. However, he will be returning in an hour so you've got to sneak into his office and delete the footage before he returns. You better hurry the clock is ticking...

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